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The Industry’s Most Powerful Alarm Notification Software

Ignition Alarming by Inductive Automation® is the industry’s most innovative software solution for building
industrial alarming systems. Filter, escalate, and route alarms with drag-and-drop graphical pipelines.

We produce comprehensive analytics and reports on alarms and user actions. Fast to install,
easy to use, and infinitely scalable, Ignition is an unbeatable
alarming solution at an incredible price.


Alarming Solution


Benefits of Using Ignition:


  • Unlimited Licensing:

    Unlimited tags, clients, screens, and connections

  • Industry-Leading Support:

    The industry’s best tech support and training

  • Built on Trusted IT standards:

    SQL, Java, Python, and OPC UA

  • Rapid Development:

    Comes with a powerful, unlimited, zero-install IDE — for free

  • Universal Platform:

    SCADA, alarming, reporting, and more — on one platform

  • Web-Based Deployment

    Web-launch clients to any device with a web-browser



“Ignition is New Generation software

– Marco Heijen, Agristo B.V.

*Ignition’s unlimited licensing model allowed Agristo to create an expansive system.



Key Features

Easily Build Any Kind of Alarming System

Ignition Alarming


With powerful, easy-to-use tools for development and connectivity, Ignition is ideal
for building virtually any kind of alarming system. Ignition is perfect for alarm
notification, SCADA alarms, remote monitoring, and event notification.



Drag-and-Drop Alarm
Notification Pipeline Builder

We quickly configure alarms, pipelines, or any other
aspect of the system with drag-and-drop ease with
Ignition’s innovative graphical alarm notification
pipeline builder.

Even create and configure thousands of alarms
simultaneously with multi-editing functionality.






Zo bouwen wij geavanceerde Notificatie Systemen


Develop Advanced Notification Systems with Ease

With the freeform alarm notification pipeline builder, we can simply drag and drop
blocks to create custom pipelines for conditional routing, splits, escalation, and
multiple other alarm notification methods. Pipelines are instantiated per alarm and
persistent so you never miss an alarm.




Betrouwbare 2-way Notificatie.
Reliable 2-Way Notification

Receive and acknowledge alarm notifications via email,
voice (over VOIP), or text (Twilio). Separate notification
pipelines are available for active, clear, and acknowledged
alarm states and every step, action, and user reaction is
logged and timestamped for accountability purposes.






.Dynamische Aanpasbare Alarmen

Dynamic Customizable Alarms

Alarms support shelving, notes, separate pipelines for
different alarm states, dynamic custom messages by
alarm notification method, time and value deadbands,

consolidation and more. Each alarm has multiple
properties with values that can be assigned dynamically
so we can customize your system. Customized alarms
can be based on criteria such as users, schedules, tag type,
and much more.






Maak Gemakkelijk Verbinding met Jouw Data



Easily Connect to Your Data

Ignition allows us to easily connect to your industrial data. With a comprehensive library
of drivers (such as Allen-Bradley, Siemens, and Modbus) and compatibility
with OPC UA and OPC DA/COM servers, we can easily pull data
directly from PLCs or from established legacy systems.




Eenvoudige Alarmbeheer.
Simple Alarm Management

With the powerful web-launched management client, we can easily manage users, roles, schedules, and call rosters so we can easily set up alarms that automatically notify whomever is on shift.







SQL Support

Ignition supports any number or type of SQL databases to store and manage history for alarm events.

With SQL it’s easy to report alarm statistics such as: events per hour, most frequent alarms, number of floods, unique chattering alarms, and more.







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Unlimited Tags, Clients & Connections.
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