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Edge Computing: Data Collection and HMI Software for the Network’s Edge

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Extend Your Network, Not Your Budget

Capturing and visualizing critical data at the remote edge of the network can be difficult and expensive.  Ignition Edge
by Inductive Automation® is a line of lightweight, limited, low-cost Ignition software solutions designed
specifically for embedding into field and OEM devices at the edge of the network.

With Ignition Edge, edge computing is easier and more affordable than ever,
so we can extend your data collection, visualization, and system
management all the way to the edge of your network.


“Having the power of Ignition extend down to edge devices in the field offers a disrupstive approach to how industrial network infrastructures are designed, deployed, and managed”

Arlen Nipper, Mede-uitvinder of MQTT


Key Features

Install on Virtually Any Device


All the Ignition Edge solutions share some powerful features that make them ideal for edge computing.
The Ignition Edge solutions work on Linux, any version of Windows, on macOS, and more,
so we can install them on virtually any industrial device, even on a Raspberry Pi.

With support for ARM processors, Ignition Edge can also run on the
latest generation of edge-of-network devices.



HMI Oplossing met PLC.

Access Data from PLCs &
OPC UA Servers

For easy PLC connections, all Ignition Edge solutions come with up to 500 tags and are equipped with OPC UA, along with drivers for Modbus, TCP, and Siemens, and the Allen-Bradley suite of drivers. Other drivers supported by Ignition, such as DNP3 and Modbus RTU, can be added onto Ignition Edge solutions for an additional cost.







Poll Data at the Source

Ignition Edge makes edge computing easy. Install Edge right onto, or next to, devices on the plant floor or in the field so you can process data as close to the source as possible

This allows us to make device data the one source of truth, improving data reliability and reducing latency.





Werkt Naadloos samen met Ignition


Works Seamlessly with Ignition

Ignition Edge is designed to be installed on devices at the edge of the network. The Ignition platform is designed to work on central servers and to be deployed to multiple clients.

Using Ignition and Ignition Edge together, we can build scalable and affordable enterprise-wide systems.










Ignition Edge Oplossingen: Mix & Match



Ignition Edge Solutions: Mix and Match

Edge has standalone edge computing solutions for remote HMIs and MQTT data transmission as well
as solutions to easily extend large-scale enterprise architectures. With three powerful Edge solutions
to choose from, we can use any one of them on a single device, or mix and match them to create
powerful solutions tailored to your needs.





Ignition Edge Panel
Create Local HMIs for Field Devices

Ignition Edge Panel enables standalone HMI functionality for one local client and one remote web-launched client at the edge of the network.


Ignition Edge Panel architectuur



Ignition Edge Enterprise
Bring the Power of the Ignition Gateway Network to the Edge

Ignition Edge Enterprise acts as a limited remote server that synchronizes data from the edge of the network to a central Ignition server. Add edge computing to your network with the ability to remotely collect historical data, get data visualization and control, and manage your system from a central location.


Ignition Edge Panel Hub and Spoke



Ignition Edge MQTT by Cirrus Link
Publish Field-Device Data Through MQTT

Ignition Edge MQTT by Cirrus Link turns virtually any field device, such as a touch panel or a client terminal, into a lightweight, MQTT-enabled edge gateway that works seamlessly with Ignition IIoT and other common IIoT platforms.


Ignition Edge Panel MQTT



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