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Powerful HMI Software to Monitor and Control Your Machinery

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Powerful HMI software That’s Easy to Use

Ignition HMI by Inductive Automation® is a powerful software solution for rapidly developing high-performance
human-machine interfaces (HMI) designed to optimize operator efficiency. Ignition makes working with HMIs easy,

it installs in minutes on virtually any device, and updating an HMI with Ignition is fast and painless.
With the included Ignition Designer, we can build HMIs with historical trending, alarming,
and more with drag-and-drop ease.


HMI Solutions



Benefits of Using Ignition:


  • Works With Any Touch Panel

    Ignition works on any major touch panel or Java-enabled device

  • Unlimited Licensing:

    Unlimited tags, clients, screens, and connections

  • Industry-Leading Support:

    The industry’s best tech support and training

  • Rapid Development:

    Comes with a powerful, unlimited, zero-install IDE — for free

  • Universal Platform:

    SCADA, alarming, reporting, and more — on one platform

  • Web-Based Deployment

    Web-launch clients to any device with a web-browser


Ignition Software Demo

“I have researched almost every known HMI, SCADA & MES package in the market … when they asked me which one is the best, I could only answer with: Ignition. We still have not encountered anything we could not do for our customers. The possibilities are endless”

– Ard Triepels – CEO AT-Automation BV.



Key Features

The Industry’s Most Powerful HMI Designer — For Free


Ignition comes standard with the Ignition Designer, the most powerful integrated development environment in the industry.
With pre-built optimized components, intuitive vector-based 2D drawing tools, and powerful templates, Ignition comes with an industry-leading set of development tools with everything we’ll need to rapidly build beautiful HMIs that optimize operator performance.



HMI Oplossing met PLC.


Connect to Any PLC

Ignition is equipped with OPC UA so it can easily
connect to third-party OPC servers. It also has
available driver suites for Modbus, Siemens,
Allen-Bradley, and more, so we can easily connect
to virtually any kind of industrial device.





Ieder scherm HMI


Turn Any Screen Into an HMI

Ignition works on any version of Windows, macOS, Linux, and more, so we can install it on any industrial HMI or device equipped with Java. With support for ARM processors, it can also run on the latest generation of efficient edge-of-network devices.








See and Control Your Processes

Quickly see the status of your machine in real-time, monitor multiple data points at
multiple locations, and start and stop processes with the push of a button.







Analyze Historical Data

We easily connect to a SQL database to store and display
historical data on customizable charts, tables, and
graphs to view trends and track KPIs at-a-glance.







Organisatie brede MMI

Enterprise-Wide HMI’s

Ignition works great as a single standalone HMI software solution. Additionally,
Ignition also has the unique ability to connect all your HMIs together into one
enterprise-wide solution that we can centrally manage, update, and deploy.





AT-Automation BVscada professional

ATA is a automation company based in Nederweert, The Netherlands.
The company has specialized in automation of production processes
for more than 16 years. ATA has worked on projects large and small,
improving analysis, optimization, design, automation and more for
several types of companies.



Integrator at the Highest Level

AT-Automation BV is Ignition certified Premier Integrator. This means we have a more than extensive knowledge and experience
in Ignition Software. Ignition software can integrate an infinite number of functionalities,
so that every desired process within your company can be visualized.



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Unlimited Tags, Clients & Connections.
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          How to get started with Ignition in no time
          How Ignition picks what you have and makes it a well-oiled machine
          How your organization can become more efficient and productive


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