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FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V.

Jaap de Cloe Fuji


FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V.

Jaap de Cloe, Supervisor : “AT-Automation is a specialist in the field of Ignition and therefore the right partner for us”

FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V. is one of the largest production sites of Fujifilm outside of Japan. The company produces photo paper, offset plates and membranes.

In the factory where the photo paper is cut and packed, the machines are operated with a number of Scada systems that still run under Windows XP. In 2016 we started to make an inventory of how the Scada system could be replaced. Ignition seemed to be the right choice for us because this package charges a fixed price and the number of clients and tags can be infinitely large. We started a (pilot) small Ignition project and through the handy training videos on the Inductive automation site, the package was quickly mastered and the project was quickly expanded.

In 2017 we decided to replace the old Scada systems with Ignition and let AT-Automation implement it. AT-Automation is a specialist in the field of Ignition and therefore the right partner for us because they have the knowledge to build a good basis for our SCADA & MES systems.

FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V.

Autoneum Belgium NV

Logo Autoneum Genk
Autoneum Belgium NV

Murat Avci Maintenance Supervisor: “You can tell that they come from the automotive industry”

Autoneum stands as a supplier of automotive manufacturers such as Volvo, Ford, Toyota and Citroën under constant delivery pressure. Downtimes at our end customers are none negotiable. For this reason we ask the maximum of our suppliers.

AT-Automation has been part of our permanent group of suppliers for many years. Whether it concerns the supply of malfunction mechanics who support us in the maintenance or optimization of the production processes to achieve a higher machine availability, reducing cycle times or upgrading obsolete controls with tight planning (with minimum downtime), the people at AT-Automation know what is important to us and our customers. You can tell that they come from the automotive industry.

Autoneum Belgium NV

Beeren Plantproducts


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Beeren Plantproducts

John Beeren; “When your systems goes live for the first time, there will be questions and/or adjustments, AT-Automation and its emloyees have demonstrated that they can handle this flexibly. I think we can be proud of the end result!”

Beeren Plantproducts from Neer has been one of the leading nurseries in the field of asparagus, leeks and strawberry plants in Europe for decades.

John Beeren, director / owner of Beeren Plantproducts; “Beeren Plantproducts is a passionate and reliable producer of high-quality asparagus, leeks and strawberry plants. In our business operations, the emphasis is mainly on the work carried out in the field, after all, this is where our end product is grown. In order to improve our business processes in the warehouses and in the office, we had some ideas. Together with Ard Triepels from AT-Automation we have developed a concept in various brainstorming sessions. By making a few test setups, we have been able to make a system choice which has been further elaborated and implemented by AT-Automation.

The Ignition software platform has been the basis for the follow-up of their production process. With the software developed by AT-Automation, it is now possible to follow the flow of plants from the land to the customer. Where in the past we still had to fill in alot of forms, we now have all the data available at the push of a button. A good example of how Ignition can be used in all possible industries.

Beeren plantproducts

Granito Betonproducten




Directeur Granito:“In the past AT-Automation has been involved in the mainteance of the controls of a existing installation, to the full satisfaction of Granito. When deciding to invest in a completely new operating system, we made a conscious decision to opt for a fully customized solution instead of a standard solution. In particular, the complexity of the processes and the flexibility of a custom-made control system has been decisive in this case.”

Already at an early stage, during the design of the installation, AT-Automation was involved in engineering and development of the mixing system’s control system. In this preparation process, AT-Automation has already proven its added value, in view of the extensive technical knowledge but also the logistical creativity that is present at AT-Automation. Despite the complexity of the logistical processes concerning the supply of raw materials and the dosing of these, this is a process that has been executed flawlessly by AT-Automation. Ultimately, during the planned time, the entire conversion and expansion was realized according to the wishes of Granito.

AT-Automation also proved to be a reliable partner in the after-delivery phase, which means that the breakdown time has been limited to a minimum. In short, if you are looking for a skilled, practical and flexible party who thinks along with your company in the field of industrial automation, then we, as Granito, will recommend AT-Automation.

Granito Beton



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