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The Industrial Internet of Things: It’s here, It works, It’s Ignition

Ignition IIoT by Inductive Automation® is an end-to-end IIoT solution (Industrial Internet of Things) that combines the amazing efficiency
of the MQTT data-transfer protocol with the unlimited data acquisition and development power of the Ignition industrial application platform.

With Ignition, we can easily connect to plant-floor and field devices at the edge of your network, and push data from thousands
of devices across numerous sites through a central MQTT infrastructure to both industrial and business applications.


IIoT Solutions



Benefits of Using Ignition:


  • Decouple Devices and Applications:

    Make all your data accessible through a pub/sub architecture

  • Streamline Your Data Pipeline:

    Create one efficient pipeline for all your IIoT data

  • Unlimited Licensing:

    Unlimited tags, clients, screens, and connections

  • Industry-Leading Support:

    The industry’s best tech support and training

  • Built on Trusted IT standards:

    SQL, Java, Python, and OPC UA

  • Universal Platform:

    SCADA, alarming, reporting, and more — on one platform



“I’ve waited 17 years for a platform like Ignition to come along. Now with MQTT and Ignition, IIoT is a reality.”

Arlen Nipper, CO-Inventor of MQTT




Key Features

Instantly subscribe to Your Industrial Data



For years, industrial applications have polled for data by directly connecting to devices, resulting in
antiquated systems that are unnecessarily complicated, nearly impossible to scale, and that leave huge
amounts of data stranded in the field.

By leveraging the MQTT protocol’s publish-and-subscribe methodologies, Ignition decouples devices from
applications and pushes the polling to the edge of the network. This creates one streamlined
data pipeline that frees data to be instantly accessible to the entire enterprise,
without straining data bandwidth.



Industriele Internet Der Dingen



MQTT: Build a Truly “Industrial”
Internet of Things

Ignition uses MQTT: a proven, standard, data-transfer protocol that is quickly becoming the leading messaging protocol for the IIoT. MQTT was designed specifically to meet the demands of industrial control systems, so it’s extremely lightweight (2-byte header), bidirectional, stateful, and secured with TLS technology.





Een Universeel Platform voor IIdD, SCADA en meer.

One Universal Platform for IIoT,
SCADA and More

Ignition is the only IIoT Solution platform with built-in tools for creating full-featured SCADA systems. Ignition is modular, so we can easily add fully integrated software modules for building industrial applications such as SCADA,

alarming, reporting and more. With Ignition, we can connect to all your IIoT data, rapidly develop any kind of industrial application, and instantly web-launch clients to virtually any device — all without limits.






Automatic Tag Creation and Health Metrics

Eliminate hours of tedious data entry with Ignition and MQTT. Upon each initial connection, tags are automatically learned and instantly created in Ignition. Once tags are created, their data values are continually updated as new values are published from the field. With Ignition, we can track metrics about the health of your system, including data from end devices, edge gateways, and MQTT servers.







cirrus link modules


Add Integrated MQTT Software Modules

Cirrus Link Solutions is a strategic third-party module partner of Inductive Automation with years of
experience developing top-quality IIoT solutions. With software modules for transmitting data from
the field via MQTT, launching an MQTT server in the cloud,

and connecting that data to industrial and business applications, the Cirrus Link IIoT modules for
Ignition empower organizations to create one streamlined pipeline for all their IIoT data.





Ignition IIoT Architectures

Adding the Cirrus Link MQTT Modules to the Ignition platform empowers companies to set
up their own IIoT solution. There are four main features to an Ignition IIoT architecture.



Publish Data from the Networkds Edge Publish and Subscribe to Data Through MQTT  Connect Ignition to an MQTT server
Build and Deploy Ignition Applications




Message Queueing Telemetry Transport architectuur


Flexible & Scalable Architectures:
In the Cloud, On-Premise, or Both

The architecture of Ignition IIoT is flexible: we can set
it up in the Cloud, on a private on-premise network, or
a hybrid of both. Ignition is also easily scalable so you
can grow from a small system to an enterprise-wide
solution with ease.







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