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An important difference between the old SCADA and the new SCADA is the way it is sold. Old SCADA has a license per tag, client and connection that you want in your system, this is in favor of the software supplier, but is very expensive for the user. The Ignition by Inductive Automation® license model is made in YOUR advantage.


Ignition is sold per server, not per client. For a flat, affordable price, Ignition gives you:

  • Unlimited Clients: connect as many teammates as possible with operational data as you want without additional costs.
  • Unlimited connections: connect with PLCs, large databases and equipment and communicate seamlessly with any MES or ERP system.
  • Unlimited Tags: create as many tags as you need, at no extra cost!

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Ignition is the new SCADA: the most affordable, scalable and suitable SCADA software in the world

Ignition expands “supervisory control and data acquisition” to encompass the entire organization by combining all major software layers in today’s plants – HMI, SCADA, and MES – into a single solution. The new SCADA provides you with a new user experience.




New Technology

The new SCADA: reinforced by the best new technology

While traditional SCADA is based on old technology, the new SCADA redefines the old SCADA by using the best technologies of today. The new SCADA is based on the strength of Ignition’s six fundamental characteristics:

  • Web-Based Deployment: Ignition is installed in minutes, launches clients directly, is server centric, driven by databases and cross-platform.
  • Unlimited licenses: Ignition has licenses per server with an unlimited number of clients, tags and connections, so innovation becomes affordable.
  • Security & Stability: Ignition is platform independent and built on a unified architecture with secure SSL technology, auditing and client verification.
  • Real-Time Control & Monitoring: Provides real-time status monitoring, alarming, reporting and data acquisition. Easily view and analyze data.
  • Easily expandable: Tools for innovation, has a designer application and features object-oriented development and a scripting engine.
  • Rapid Development: Ignition’s modular architecture helps you scale and grow with a wide range of HMI / SCADA and MES modules.



Ignition Edge

Expand your network, not your budget

Ignition Edge by Inductive Automation is a line of lightweight, limited, low-cost Ignition software solutions designed specifically for embedding into field and OEM devices at the edge of the network.

  • Access data from PLC & OPC-UA Servers: up to 500 tags and equipped with OPC-UA
  • Works seamlessly with Ignition: Build scalable and affordable enterprise systems
  • Fully cross platform: Works on all versions of Windows on OS X, Linux and more.



*this data comes from a study out 2016





Discover for yourself why Ignition is the new SCADA



Plan a demo that teaches you the basics of Ignition. You learn how to:

– Install the software in a few minutes
– Change and easily set up projects
– Directly start and update of multiple clients


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