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Calculate OEE & Track Downtime To Improve Efficiency

Calculating overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) using automated software is most effective when combined with downtime tracking.

The powerfull OEE Downtime Module from SepaSoft combines both OEE calculations and downtime tracking to give operations managers
a robust software package that measures efficiency and shows how to boost efficiency rates.


OEE Software



Benefits of Using OEE with Ignition:


  • Unlimited Licensing:

    Unlimited tags, clients, screens, and connections

  • Industry-Leading Support:

    The industry’s best tech support and training

  • Built on Trusted IT standards:

    SQL, Java, Python, and OPC UA

  • Rapid Development:

    Comes with a powerful, unlimited, zero-install IDE — for free

  • Universal Platform:

    SCADA, alarming, reporting, and more — on one platform

  • Web-Based Deployment

    Web-launch clients to any device with a web-browser


“People often do not know what they are missing until they see what is possible with Ignition, and then they say: “If only I had known that Ignition existed before!”.  Pssst, it is never too late to start”

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Key Features

Make Sure You Pull The Strings



Measure OEE, Reduce Downtime & Raise Profits

The Sepasoft OEE Downtime Module empowers manufacturers with actionable data that can help managers reduce operating cost,
increase asset utilization and boost operating efficiency that results
in improved profitability.




Real-Time Efficiency Management

All OEE and downtime data is displayed in real time, empowering managers to respond to real-world situations as they are happening today, not last week. Real-time management communication between the enterprise and plant floor helps facilities accomplish continuous improvement, as well as business strategies such as LEAN en Six Sigma.

Real Time OEE




Automatic And Manual Entry

Data is automatically recorded via OPC rather than relying on manual entry and interpretation by production staff. As an added benefit, valuable man hours will be reduced for data entry, and can be utilized elsewhere.




OEE Calculations Included

OEE calculations included within the OEE Downtime Module are designed to measure efficiency. See where improvements can be made, and measure the results! You can also develop your own custom OEE calculations, or modify the pre-calculated OEE measurements.






Implementing OEE For Sucess

After OEE is calculated, tracking it over time and making changes that result in increased equipment effectivenessis the next step.
Implementing an OEE software system and improving a facility’s efficiency is most effective when
best practices for OEE are utilized by management and operations personnel.




Downtime Analysis

Visually identify and drill down to the top downtime causes that affect your operating efficiency with the OEE Downtime Module.

Once the period of time that production cells were not producing product and the associated reasons are recorded, reviewing the downtime analysis summary of the reasons will identify where effort should be focused to improve efficiency.






Coordinate Multiple Schedules To Improve OEE

Scheduling software comes built-in with the OEE Downtime Module because of the value it brings in helping operation managers improve production efficiency. Access current schedules, including production scheduling, maintenance scheduling, and more.

OEE planning




OEE data


Quickly Assess Your Facility’s Production Efficiency

Quickly organize and visualize efficiency, downtime, and work order progress across your enterprise with executive dashboards.
Modify included analysis tables, charts and graphs, or easily create your own.

Production efficiency data can also be filtered to only include specific criteria. Additionally, comparisons can be made.
For example, downtime by operator can be analyzed or even downtime by operator by shift.

Generate custom PDF reports for production runs, production lines, work orders, and more.



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