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From water jet cutting in the automotive industry to the printing of Brand beer crates – with controls of AT-Automation you automate in a very reliable and economical way. We offer you a comprehensive product range of PLCs. For each project we offer a product range with the most innovative control solutions.

“It absolutely does not have to be expensive or complicated!”

We provide completely new projects where we take care of the design, panel construction, programming and installation (at your location). You can also contact us for the revision of machine controls.



Benefits of working with AT-Automation:


  • 16 Years of Specialization

    We have been specializing in automating production processes for 16 years. Analyze, optimize, design, implement in the operational process; automation is customization. From small-scale solutions to total solutions we are the right party for you.

  • Customer-oriented Flexibility

    At AT-Automation customer orientation is of paramount importance. For example, we understand that unexpected situations can arise during the execution of an assignment, which is why we take this into account. You can also expect good aftercare of a project.

  • Reliable & Skilled

    If our experienced PLC programmers program something, you can assume that it has been tested and that it works. We make sure that everything we do meets the requirements of the customer. We also pay extra attention to safety.


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Murat Avci Maintenance Supervisor : “You can tell that they come from the automotive industry”

Autoneum stands as a supplier of automotive manufacturers such as Volvo, Ford, Toyota and Citroën under constant delivery pressure. Downtimes at our end customers are none negotiable. For this reason we ask the maximum of our suppliers.

AT-Automation has been part of our permanent group of suppliers for many years. Whether it concerns the supply of malfunction mechanics who support us in the maintenance or optimization of the production processes to achieve a higher machine availability, reducing cycle times or upgrading obsolete controls with tight planning (with minimum downtime), the people at AT-Automation know what is important to us and our customers. You can tell that they come from the automotive industry.



Controls that make the Difference

Full Control of the Robot via the HMI of the PLC


Volledige bediening van de robot via de HMI van de PLC


Through linkages between PLC and robot control, we provide programming and coupling. We do this so that direct
control commands can be given to the robot from the PLC (from the PLC the positions are then calculated).
In this way, it is easier for you to integrate robots into packaging lines or other system processes.

In addition, less specific robot knowledge is required for your programming; the intelligence is brought to PLC level.
Another important advantage is that the complete operation of the robot can run via the HMI of the PLC,
making it much easier for operators to operate the robot.




PLC, Robotics, scada & mes software specialist.

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