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You can just do something and you can do something for a reason. At AT-Automation we do something for a reason. This is how we want to distinguish ourselves from our competition.

We do not just carry out an assignment from a customer and we do not look at what they want, but we look at what they need. That’s why we would like to explain to you why we optimize.


Wat heeft de klant nodig





Volg Jouw Passie


It is our passion

AT-Automation was created by passion for the profession. This thread is still noticeable within our organization. We particular pay attention when hiring new people that they want to program and not that they have to.

This gives us people who think in terms of possibilities and solutions instead of problems. Those who benefit from this are not just us as an organization. Our customers also benefit from this. This way we create a win-win-win situation. We can not think of anything better.





Efficiency (With the perspective to relieve are people, increase profit and lower costs)

Our people

We are not afraid of hard work. Only we think that you can make more of a difference by working efficiently. Your people can work their ass off, but if this does not promote production, nobody cares.

Often it is also the case that this negatively affects the mood of your employees. As a result, they are sick more often and less productive than you would like them to be. That is why we focus on efficiency. This ensures that our people become more productive in a pleasant way.






Just like people, you can run a machine as hard as possible. Only you have to ask yourself the question: is this the best for my machine? A machine has a certain life span. To make the most of this you have to properly adjust and maintain the machine.

If you always let your machine run as fast as possible, chances are that you need more maintenance, which in return results in extra costs. What also can happen is that you completely destroy your machine, because you are always asking the maximum of the machine. This is certainly costly.

For us, therefore, good machine optimization not only produces more products, but also ensures that the machine remains constant. Do not run as hard as possible, but as optimally as possible.

These two elements ultimately ensure that your people and machines will be more productive. The effect of this is, in most cases, that you as an organization will make less costs and more profit.





Corporate social responsibility (environmentally friendly)

We are aware that the industry is a big polluter of the earth. For this reason, we want to do our bit to make the production processes more environmentally friendly. Many organizations are not aware of the amount of unnecessary waste that they create.

We find this a sin. It is therefore a focal point for us to make the customer aware that they produce too much waste, which also directly influences their costs / profits.

Within our organization, for example, we tell our people not to just print anything and we put “Think before you print” in our e-mail signature . This may be small things. But we are convinced that the ‘ripple’ effect will do its job.









Contribute to the growth of an organization

We regard our customers as good friends of our organization. And good friends wish each other the best. In ups and downs. So we proactively think along with our clients in area’s where they may have room for improvement.

This does not only help our customers, but also us as a company. This way we can all grow into the big companies of tomorrow.



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