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Produce at maximum capacity worry-free through preventive maintenance and rapid response to faults

Expert support tailored to you

At AT-Automation, we understand the importance of keeping production processes running smoothly, without unnecessary interruptions. Our expert technicians are here to provide customized support to businesses. With their practical and analytical approach, they ensure reliable solutions that elevate production processes to new heights.

Why choose AT-Automation technicians?

  • Immediate response to breakdowns
  • Our quick action minimizes disruptions for production departments
  • We are masters in control engineering, mechatronics and electrical engineering, enabling us to resolve a wide range of issues.
  • By deploying our masters temporarily, you only pay for the required service.
  • Flexible support for regular, project-based, or ad-hoc assistance.
  • In addition to corrective maintenance, our masters conduct preventive maintenance to prevent future issues and increase reliability.
  • We’re here to provide complete peace of mind, allowing production staff to focus on their core tasks.

Full peace of mind


Daily identification, tracking, and prompt resolution of malfunctions to ensure uninterrupted and efficient operation of industrial processes.

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Our technicians are available daily for corrective and preventive maintenance on machinery. They not only resolve issues but also prevent them.

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Production Line Relocation

The disassembly at the original location and reassembly at the new location of production lines, both nationally and internationally.

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"The collaboration is excellent, and the team demonstrates having all the expertise and skills. They are fast, professional, and provide effective solutions. In short, a very reliable partner!"

Peter Lefevre, Ebema

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At AT-Automation, we aim to accelerate your growth and reach new heights of efficiency with our advanced automation solutions. We strongly believe in sharing knowledge and empowering individuals to become masters in industrial automation. Would you like free advice on how our solutions can help your business grow? Please leave your contact information below.

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