The management solution for optimizing, monitoring, tracking, and reporting production performance

The path to optimal efficiency

Sepasoft’s MES modules are specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with Ignition systems. In fact, Sepasoft specializes exclusively in creating Ignition modules. These MES solutions focus on improving efficiency, accuracy, and cost control throughout the entire production process.

  • Track and optimize every step of the production process
  • Simplify production workflows
  • Manage quality
  • Adjust machine settings
  • Streamline documentation
  • Manage inventory and production history

Receive an integrated ecosystem optimizing all operational processes!

Modules for MES

OEE Downtime

Gain insights into equipment downtime, optimize performance speed, and enhance product quality.

Track & Trace

Track products throughout the entire process and closely monitor quality and regulations. Create worry-free production.


Utilize simple statistical methods to monitor and improve product and process quality.

Settings & Changeover

Make setting up and switching between production settings easy, enhancing production flexibility and efficiency.

Batch Procedure

Manage and automate complex batch processes. Track every step with precision, ensuring flawless production.

Document Management

Support operators in performing tasks by creating documents and/or work instructions within the Ignition project.

Modules for MES


Business Connector

Simplify data exchange with external systems and databases, automating business systems effortlessly.

Interface for SAP ERP

Effortlessly connect the Ignition project with SAP ERP systems and synchronize business data.

Web Services

Easily connect the Ignition project to external data sources and web services (APIs).

Customize according to your own standards

Instead of a one-time purchase per functionality, like with Ignition, with Sepasoft MES, you pay per site. While the purchased licenses are unlimited, Sepasoft MES solutions comply with ISA 88 and ISA 95 standards, which may result in higher licensing costs.

At AT-Automation, we offer you the freedom to chart your own course. Opt for customization with Ignition and explore MES solutions that perfectly align with your needs and vision, without relying on Sepasoft MES modules.

Case: Take back control in your own hands

EKK Eagle Simrax has replaced their outdated SCADA system with Ignition, a customized SCADA/MES solution. With browser access, employees can access dynamic dashboards based on team roles. Automatic downtime logging, integration with SAP ERP and Logitime, scheduled upgrades for order planning, and live dashboards contribute to efficiency improvements. Being able to manage the software themselves puts them back in control, resulting in time savings, optimized communication, and further increase in OEE.

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Explore Ignition in the online demo environment

  • No download or installation required.
  • Explore applications for various industries.
  • Customize values and see results instantly.
  • Learn how Ignition automates and visualizes processes, even without programming knowledge.
  • Discover all the possibilities and whether Ignition meets your needs.

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