Production Line Relocation

The disassembly at the original location and reassembly at the new location of production lines, both nationally and internationally

Smooth industrial relocations

We understand the importance of a seamless transition. Our experienced electrical technicians guide you through the entire process, striving for a smooth and efficient relocation of the production line to the new location.
  • Our masters ensure flawless dismantling and reinstallation of the electrical components.
  • If necessary, we renew the control panel to seamlessly integrate it into the new location and requirements.
  • We adjust or completely reprogram the PLC program to ensure the production line quickly returns to maximum capacity.
  • With our targeted approach, we ensure that the production line is fully operational again within a short time.

In partnership with a mechanical partner

AT-Automation collaborates closely with a mechanical partner for physical relocations, named Transpico. While we handle the electrical aspects, Transpico is renowned for their skilled and safe movement of the physical production line.

Together, we ensure the production line is relocated from A to B with the utmost care and precision. Your relocation is in trusted hands.

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