Custom solutions to produce better, faster, and more reliably than the competition

The power of customization

Discover the power of customization in hardware engineering, panel building, installation work, PLC software engineering, and turn-key projects. Our masters are dedicated to enhancing, accelerating, and making every production process more reliable.

Find out how they can elevate your production process to unprecedented heights.

Grow with AT-Automation

From hardware to software, installation to implementation – we have all the building blocks in place for an all-in-one solution.

Hardware Engineering (Eplan)

Accurate and efficient electrical drawings of industrial installations, created using Eplan software.

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Panel Building

Safe and reliable customized control panels, including both standard panels and complex systems.

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Grow with AT-Automation

From hardware to software, installation to implementation – we have all the building blocks in place for an all-in-one solution.

Installation Work

A flawless implementation of electrical systems, with a focus on speed and cost-efficiency.

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Software Engineering (PLC)

Optimize processes and increase productivity with custom-made control software.

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Turn-key projects

With our extensive experience and multidisciplinary approach, we can provide complete turnkey solutions for industrial automation projects. From the initial concept to successful delivery, we take full project management responsibility. Let your employees focus on core activities while we ensure a seamless and successful implementation.

"The craftsmanship of the AT-Automation team is truly impressive. Every time, we are highly satisfied with the outcome of our projects in the field of control engineering."

Luc Creemers, Auria Solutions

"At AT-Automation, control engineering projects are executed efficiently and professionally, without wasting time between assignment and implementation."

Tom Desutter, Ebema

"A great solution, flexibility, and a reliable partner."

Rogier Heeren, Jan de Rijk Logistics


Prevention is better than cure

Jan de Rijk Logistics was well aware of the significant risks associated with outdated PLC hardware and the potential downtime of essential systems. They chose AT-Automation for their need for a comprehensive solution covering both hardware and software.

After careful pre-assessment, the entire system was modernized in just one weekend without disrupting business operations. Thanks to this approach, Jan de Rijk Logistics now enjoys a smoothly functioning system.

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Ready to master your growth?

At AT-Automation, we aim to accelerate your growth and reach new heights of efficiency with our advanced automation solutions. We strongly believe in sharing knowledge and empowering individuals to become masters in industrial automation. Would you like free advice on how our solutions can help your business grow? Please leave your contact information below.

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