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The key to success

Ignition HMI/SCADA opens the door to seamless control and efficiency, regardless of the industry. With Ignition, everything is centralized, providing users with access to all their data, processes, and systems at all times. This enables users to quickly respond to changing conditions.

The Ignition platform serves as the foundation for any application. It already includes various features and core drivers to connect all your industrial data and devices in one central hub. Additionally, the platform can be further expanded according to your needs with additional HMI/SCADA modules.

Included core drivers:

  • Modbus
  • UDP & TCP
  • BACnet
  • Allen-Bradley
  • Siemens
  • DNP3
  • Omron
  • IEC 61850
  • Mitsubishi

Modules for visualization

Ignition offers two visualization modules, Vision & Perspective. Which one is suitable for you?


Create dynamic and user-friendly dashboards accessible on any device. Have all data at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. This is the visualization module for web-based HMI/SCADA and mobile devices.


Create and manage real-time visualizations with ease. Enhance industrial processes with powerful monitoring and control tools. This is the visualization module for intuitive HMI/SCADA on factory floor and desktop screens.

Web Browser

Integrate external web content into the Ignition application. Visualize external data and information seamlessly in the HMI/SCADA screens.


Effortlessly create, schedule, and share dynamic, customized reports. From now on, you make only data-driven decisions.

Modules for visualization

Ignition offers two visualization modules, Vision & Perspective. Which one is suitable for you?

Data & Logic

Modules that aid in capturing data, integrating PLCs and SQL databases, and programming logical systems.

SQL Bridge

Enable bidirectional communication between Ignition and SQL databases. Optimize data with powerful SQL queries and seamless integration. Automate data flows for smooth operations.

Tag Historian

Capture historical data of industrial processes. Uncover trends and improvements for the future through data analysis.


Manage advanced logic and process control with SFC, and coordinate and automate complex processes.

Web Development

Create API endpoints to allow other applications to communicate securely with Ignition.

Alarms & Notification

Modules that assist in building the ideal alarm system and receiving notifications anywhere.

Alarm Notification

Set up flexible and proactive alerting to stay informed about critical events and take action quickly.

Voice Notification

Receive voice-activated notifications and updates for important events.

SMS Notification

Receive real-time notifications and updates for important events.

Twilio Notification

Send SMS messages, make calls, and optimize communication with the Twilio communication platform.

Alarms & Notification

Modules that assist in building the ideal alarm system and receiving notifications anywhere.

Connectivity & Enterprise

Connect the entire enterprise with Ignition.


Gain support for OPC Classic. Communicate seamlessly with traditional OPC servers and devices.

Enterprise Administration

Simplify the management and deployment of Ignition across the entire organization. Streamline user management, updates, and configuration at an enterprise level.


Seamlessly manage and analyze data with the integration of MongoDB, a powerful NoSQL database.

Unlimited licenses

Unlike many software companies that charge based on users, tags, and connections, Ignition offers everything you need for one affordable price. With a one-time license purchase, you can scale and expand without limits, fostering boundless creativity and flexibility. This means endless experimentation, new ideas, and innovative solutions, all without additional costs.

This results in a solution perfectly tailored to your needs. The unlimited licensing model provides the freedom to grow on your own terms, making Ignition not only more powerful but also accessible to organizations of any size. Whether you’re starting a small project or managing a large-scale industrial operation, Ignition offers the freedom and flexibility to bring your vision to life. No restrictions, no limits – that’s the power of Ignition’s unlimited licensing model.

Case: Realtime & accurate data in one place

Do you want to maximize the efficiency of your machines? Then it’s essential that machine operators are always fully informed. How do we achieve that? Simple, with lightning-fast and accurate data all in one place. That’s why we’ve implemented an innovative software solution for LCS on the washing lines at Royal FloraHolland. The result? All stakeholders now have continuous real-time insight, accessible through a clear dashboard.

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