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What we do Industrial Automation Solutions | Made to fit your organisation

  • MES

    Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software is used to monitor and manage production processes and to gain insight into the results on the shop floor …

  • Engineering

    The engineering department is responsible for the industrial design. For this the necessary functionalities must first be determined …



    With SCADA you can view, check and analyze data in detail. With the new SCADA you can make effortless decisions based on …

  • Process optimization

    We make analyzes of your current production process or software application and advise on process optimization, so that quality and efficiency are guaranteed …


  • Controls

    We ensure professional integration from design to operational process. From water jet cutting …

  • Support

    Through preventive maintenance and direct action in the event of malfunctions, we ensure that machines continue to function properly and that they are …


AT-Automation BV “We therefore often recommend starting small, expanding is possible at any time. That is the power of US and Ignition.”

Has been specialized in automation and optimization of production processes for more than 16 years. Analyze, optimize, design, implement in the operational process; automation is customization. From small-scale solutions to total solutions, we are the right company for you.

References What our clients tell about us

  • “In the past AT-Automation has been involved in the mainteance of the controls of a existing installation, to the full satisfaction of Granito.”


    Director Granito

  • When your systems goes live for the first time, there will be questions and/or adjustments, AT-Automation and its emloyees have demonstrated that they can handle this flexibly. I think we can be proud of the end result!”


    Beeren Plantproducts

    John Beeren - director Beeren Plantproducts

  • Logo Autoneum Genk

    AT-Automation has been part of our permanent group of suppliers for many years. Whether it concerns the supply of malfunction mechanics who support us in the maintenance or optimization of the production processes …

    Autoneum Belgium NV

    Murat Avci Maintenance Supervisor

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