EKK Eagle Simrax trains engineers to become Ignition Professionals

In the dynamic world of production and process automation, EKK Eagle Simrax, a part of EKK Eagle Industry focusses on innovation and efficiency. As a manufacturer of seals for water pumps and air conditioning systems in the automotive industry, EKK Eagle Simrax chose Ignition to optimize their production processes.

Why Ignition?

The outdated SCADA-system no longer met the growing needs of EKK Eagle Simrax. That’s why the choice fell on the flexible and scalable Ignition platform. With the Ignition Perspective module, EKK can implement a comprehensive automation system and cost-effectively expand where necessary.

In conversation with Jeroen Smits

Jeroen Smits, Production and Process Automation Engineer at EKK, shares his experience: “In addition to scalability and the licensing advantage, it’s a platform that engineers can work with themselves. With a solid foundation and training from AT-Automation, we can easily implement expansions and modifications to the production line.”

To turn EKK’s engineers intro true Ignition Professionals, they underwent an intensive week of training at AT-Automation. This enabled them to design and expand applications and screens themselves, extending to new production lines.

Benefits of training at AT-Automation

Jeroen emphasizes the benefits of training at AT-Automation: “The advantage is that we can now tackle things ourselves that are not within the scope of the current project. This way, we can make significant progress and don’t have to wait until the first delivery.”

During the group training, the capabilities of Ignition were highlighted, and participants were given assignments to create designs. The trainers from AT-Automation supported in answering questions and provided tips based on best practices.

Advancing to Master

Ignition is not only highly flexible and scalable, but also easy to implement by engineers. With training packages such as Rookie, Pro & Master, AT-Automation helps engineers navigate the world of Ignition and optimize production processes.

By the beginning of 2022, the new system was fully delivered, and EKK Eagle Simrax is once again looking forward to new developments and possibilities. AT-Automation remains ready to provide support, because after Pro, the next step is naturally becoming a true Ignition Master.

Ready to master your growth?

At AT-Automation, we aim to accelerate your growth and reach new heights in efficiency with our advanced automation solutions. We strongly believe in sharing knowledge and empowering individuals to become masters in industrial automation. Do you want to become a master in programming Ignition too? Click on a training in the calendar below for more information or sign up directly!

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