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An innovative all-in-one software solution for the washing lines at Royal FloraHolland

In brief

Do you want to maximize the efficiency of your machines? Then it’s essential that machine operators are always fully informed. How do we achieve that? Simple, with lightning-fast and accurate data in one place. That’s why we implemented an innovative software solution for LCS on the washing lines at Royal FloraHolland. The result? All stakeholders now have continuous real-time insight, accessible via a user-friendly dashboard. It’s a fantastic optimization that we’d love to tell you more about.

About LCS

Meet LCS, an international service provider specialized in cleaning crates, buckets, trays, carts, and pallets – all reusable transport items (RTIs). The company also offers a full-service option where LCS takes over the entire washing process of their clients on-site.


The challenge at LCS

When LCS was asked to implement their washing lines at Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer, they knew they had a challenge ahead. At Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer, up to 150,000 flower buckets are cleaned daily, spread across three production lines.

It was not just about cleaning flower buckets; it was about coordinating people, machines, and logistics effectively. This marked the beginning of their quest for a comprehensive system that would provide them with flexible insights into maintenance, planning, and reporting. The ultimate goal was to improve control over their impressive 65-meter-long cleaning machines.

To tackle this complex task, LCS turned to AT-Automation. “AT-Automation had a solid reputation in collecting data from machines and visualizing it using the versatile Ignition platform, which provided the perfect answer for the then-new machinery park in Aalsmeer,” said Jan van Hoef of LCS.

“Good collaboration with a clear focus on customer needs.”

Ruud Verbeek, LCS

A customized solution

At AT-Automation, we’ve rebranded an Ignition application specifically for this client as LCS Logic and deployed it on the washing lines. This intelligent software automatically collects process data and combines it with logistical information about the products being cleaned. The result? Intuitive dashboards displaying the right information for all stakeholders, whether customers, suppliers, or LCS staff.

Thanks to Ignition, which combines HMI, SCADA, and MES functionalities, all existing systems and documents have been replaced. This means employees no longer waste precious time switching between different systems and separate Word and Excel files for various tasks. It also enables them to adjust schedules on the fly and monitor the cleaning machines easily and 24/7, all using a mobile phone or tablet and in compliance with all safety regulations.

These changes not only made the process more efficient but were also crucial for LCS’s billing. Given their full-service offering, the number of cleaned products is a key factor for invoices. Previously, this information was only available at the end of the week when products were manually counted. Ignition accurately records the number of cleaned products per machine, per day, per shift, and even per ten minutes.

LCS is excited about the possibilities and plans to implement the Ignition application across Europe. With Ignition’s unlimited and scalable nature, LCS is ready for the future!

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