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A custom SCADA/MES solution for optimal control

In brief

EKK Eagle Simrax replaced their outdated SCADA system with Ignition, resulting in a customized SCADA/MES solution. With browser-based access, employees now have dynamic dashboards based on team roles.

Automatic downtime registration, integration with SAP and Logitime, and planned upgrades for order planning and live dashboards contribute to efficiency improvements. Self-management of the software with Ignition has brought control back to EKK Eagle Simrax, resulting in time savings, optimized communication, and the expectation of further OEE increases in the future.

About EKK Eagle Simrax

Meet EKK Eagle Simrax, a leading manufacturer of highly precise seals for various applications in the automotive industry. Every year, more than 30 million seals are produced on the production line. The factory is equipped with advanced stamping machines, PTFE production lines, and assembly facilities.


The challenge at EKK Eagle Simrax

At EKK Eagle Simrax, they were about to reconsider their existing SCADA system, set up by a local integrator in Citect SCADA. It quickly became apparent that the system was outdated, and EKK Eagle Simrax wanted more control over their own SCADA system. After thorough market research into alternatives, Jeroen, Automation Engineer at EKK Eagle Simrax, became intrigued by Ignition.

Jeroen saw several benefits in Ignition, such as an unlimited number of tags and users, extensive connectivity, one-time purchase costs, standard contract constructions, and the ability to use Python scripting. These benefits were crucial because they faced limitations with the previous system, which ultimately incurred more costs rather than the intended financial advantage. EKK Eagle Simrax needed a more flexible, cost-efficient SCADA system that better suited their specific requirements.

‚ÄúPreviously, we were compelled to approach the integrator for every minor adjustment. The foundation of Ignition is easy to understand and set up, enabling our engineers to make these adjustments themselves.”

Sam Helsens, EKK Eagle Simrax

A customized solution

With Ignition, a custom SCADA/MES solution was created that is accessible via the browser. This solution provides employees with personalized dashboards based on team roles. All dashboards are created based on the same data, making navigation dynamic, enabling a consistent overview of the production process.

The focus on process improvement and minimizing downtime led to automated downtime registration based on PLC tags. Various views, including raw datasets and graphs, allow users to analyze downtime reasons and gain insight into OEE. This provides EKK Eagle Simrax with insights into improvement opportunities, further increasing OEE in the future.

The integration with SAP and Logitime (a time registration program) continues to improve efficiency. Orders can be retrieved, and data can be easily exchanged between systems. The next Ignition update will include order planning and live dashboards for progress monitoring of orders, including downtime, changeovers, and loss of process speed. The system also records production waste quantities.

With SCADA screens, operators can view real-time production data and historical trend analyses, even without a database connection.

Automated reporting and standardized processes save time, paper usage in the production environment is a thing of the past, and real-time email notifications optimize communication. In short, by managing the software themselves, EKK Eagle Simrax has regained control.

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