The Positive Impact of Ignition’s Licensing Model on the Industry

In the world of industrial automation and the Internet of Things (IoT), software plays a crucial role in controlling, monitoring, and managing production processes and systems. Ignition, developed by Inductive Automation, has proven itself as an innovative and powerful platform for efficiently managing and optimizing complex processes. An important aspect contributing to Ignition’s success is its licensing model, which strongly influences the way organizations implement and utilize the software.

About Ignition

Ignition is a leading software platform for industrial automation that enables businesses to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve productivity. With its scalable architecture, extensive functionality, and flexible integration capabilities, Ignition empowers users to design, deploy, and manage control and automation systems for a wide range of applications and industries. With features such as real-time monitoring, data analysis, and mobile access, Ignition provides a comprehensive solution for modernizing and optimizing industrial processes.

No limits, no restrictions

Unlike other industrial automation software, Ignition promises unlimited licenses. Users face no restrictions on the number of tags, users, or devices they can connect to the system. This enables businesses to grow endlessly without worrying about limitations or additional costs per tag, user, or device. As a result, unmatched scalability and flexibility are achieved. Additionally, businesses can connect their entire operation for a fraction of the cost of other solutions, allowing savings to be reinvested in development, personnel, and expansion.

Customization based on needs

Ignition follows a module-based approach, offering users a variety of optional modules to add extra functionalities to their system. Whether it’s reporting, mobile access, or Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Ignition provides the necessary tools to develop a solution that perfectly aligns with the specific needs of a business. This flexible approach empowers users to optimize and expand their automation system according to their own preferences and growth trajectory.

Maximum value for the investment

Ignition’s competitive pricing, without long-term subscription fees but with one-time licensing costs and optional modules, makes it an attractive choice for businesses aiming for maximum value from their investment. This approach makes Ignition accessible to businesses of all sizes while providing excellent long-term ROI.

Your system, your choice

Ignition offers flexible deployment options, including on-premises installations, cloud-based solutions, and hybrid architectures. This enables users to choose the deployment method that best suits their IT infrastructure and security requirements, providing maximum flexibility.

Experience Ignition yourself

Inductive Automation offers a free trial period for Ignition, allowing users to fully test the software before making a purchase. This enables them to explore Ignition’s capabilities and assess whether it meets their specific needs and requirements.


The Ignition licensing model has redefined standards within industrial automation. By combining flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency, Ignition offers an unparalleled solution for businesses worldwide. With its promise of unlimited capabilities and customized functionality, Ignition heralds a new era of innovation and efficiency in the industry.

Curious about how Ignition and its unique licensing model can propel your business forward? Download the Ignition price list now and benefit from unlimited possibilities, modular expandability, competitive pricing, and flexible deployment options.

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