Prevention is better than cure

The retrofitting of outdated PLC hardware without disrupting business operations

In brief

Jan de Rijk Logistics was aware of the significant risks associated with outdated PLC hardware and the potential downtime of essential systems. They chose AT-Automation due to their need for a comprehensive solution covering both hardware and software.
After careful pre-research, the entire system was modernized in just one weekend, without disrupting business operations. Thanks to this approach, Jan de Rijk Logistics now experiences a smoothly functioning system.

The collaboration with AT-Automation continues with the implementation of Ignition, replacing the outdated PLC control software.

About Jan de Rijk Logistics

Since its establishment in 1971, Jan de Rijk Logistics has evolved into a leading provider of transportation and distribution services in Europe. With expertise in international transport, contract logistics, Benelux distribution, last-mile deliveries, and freight forwarding, the company offers comprehensive solutions for supply chain management across Europe.

The challenge at Jan de Rijk Logistics

Jan de Rijk Logistics was faced with a challenging situation, operating on outdated PLC hardware that was nearing its end-of-life status. The risk of reduced support and potential downtime of the automated high-rise system was a concerning prospect. The company wanted to take proactive measures to prevent customer disruption and actively sought a partner who could address the complete package: both hardware and software.

“AT-Automation emerged as a larger, more stable company with the necessary knowledge and expertise on both fronts. Compared to other options, AT-Automation offered the most accommodating and driven solution.”

Rogier Heeren, Jan de Rijk Logistics

A customized solution


A customized solution

During a site survey at Jan de Rijk Logistics, our team meticulously analyzed the entire system. The findings led to a concrete plan for the conversion, which was scheduled to take place over three weekends. This approach allowed our engineers to completely upgrade the hardware without disrupting operations. However, with the additional manpower provided by AT-Automation, the conversion was surprisingly completed in just one weekend.

Jeroen Lauwen from Jan de Rijk Logistics noted that this accelerated conversion was only beneficial for their company. After more than a month of using the new PLC control, Jan de Rijk Logistics has not experienced any disruptions. The system operates in the same reliable manner, but now with upgraded hardware.

Since the existing PLC control software is also outdated, it was decided to continue the collaboration and transition to Ignition.

“A great solution from a flexible and reliable partner.”

Rogier Heeren, Jan de Rijk Logistics

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