Efficient Data Management

Ignition IIoT centralizes data from various landfill site locations for streamlined management

In brief

With eleven dispered locations and a variety of systems, it’s crucial to consolidate valuable information into a single central database. This can all be achieved with a convenient software package: Ignition.
Ignition not only offers flexibility in retrieving and storing relevant data but also provides visually appealing insights. This allows Attero to meticulously monitor the performance of their processes and enjoy structured, reliable data at their fingertips. Discover how this customized project offers efficient solutions to the challenges at Attero Mineraal.

About Attero

Meet Attero, a waste management company with multiple entities. While the organic department has been using Ignition for over two years, processing more than half of the Netherlands’ organic waste into compost, this project focuses on the mineral department. This division comprises 11 landfill sites, of which currently 4 are operational. Here, rubble and contaminated soil are recycled into reusable materials. The remaining seven landfill sites are capped, making further dumping impossible.

In the Netherlands, perpetual care is mandated, meaning that every 75 years, the covering of landfill sites must be renewed. Attero not only transfers operational responsibility to the province after capping a landfill site but also aims for a seamless data transfer to ensure sustainable care by the province.

The challenge at Attero

Attero has a team of twenty employees spread across eleven locations in the Netherlands. They conduct measurements and record various parameters, including groundwater levels, leachate data, and the quality and quantity of landfill sites. The challenge lies in the fact that each location operated autonomously in the past, resulting in a variety of Excel files where data was captured in different formats.

Locating specific values has become a time-consuming process, inevitably leading to human errors. Additionally, the number of files continues to grow over time. When transferring a capped landfill site to the province, the task becomes even more complex, as finding and verifying accurate and up-to-date information becomes challenging. Naturally, Attero sought a more efficient approach to streamline these processes.

“The collaboration with AT-Automation in the field of database management has been exceptionally effective and provides us with the necessary support to operate successfully. Thanks to Ignition, we can now fully focus on unlocking and interpreting the valuable data at our disposal, without the hassle of dealing with separate Excel forms.”

Twan Kanen, Attero

A customized solution

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A customized solution

With eleven dispersed locations and various systems in place, it’s essential to consolidate valuable information into a central database. Thanks to the versatility of Ignition and IIoT application, measurements remain unaffected. Relevant data is efficiently collected per location and securely stored in the central database.

With Ignition, the presentation of this data became not only flexible but also visually appealing, allowing Attero to gain in-depth insights and meticulously monitor the performance of their processes.

The user-friendly Ignition application is designed for various devices. Whether it’s office work or on-the-go, the team can effortlessly log in, retrieve all necessary information, and filter and export data with a single click. This eliminates the need for employees to be physically present at measurements.

Another advantage for Attero is the ability to link a schedule to the data, ensuring measurements are taken at the right time. No more complex Excel files; with this solution, structured and reliable data is at their fingertips.

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