Trained to Become an Ignition Master in Just a Few Weeks

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In just a few weeks, Brian Maukisch from Okéchamp transformed from a Rookie to an Ignition Master. An impressive achievement that speaks to his dedication to optimizing the production lines of preserved mushrooms.

Modern production lines with Ignition

Okéchamp, a global producer and supplier of preserved mushrooms, has chosen Ignition to modernize its production lines. Brian Maukisch, Project Manager at Okéchamp, shares his enthusiasm for Ignition and the valuable training provided by AT-Automation. Brian particularly emphasizes the ease with which data can be collected and visualized, making Ignition an excellent platform for their needs.

Training at AT-Automation

Okéchamp has not only chosen Ignition but also AT-Automation as a partner for implementation and development. Brian appreciates AT-Automation’s training sessions, especially because they enable the team to work independently with the application. Brian and his colleague Stefan Masius have even been trained to become Ignition Masters, the highest level of training.

Brian shares his experience with the training: “The three modules are well coordinated, with the Rookie training providing a solid foundation. With the follow-up trainings, Pro and Master, you dive step by step into the subject matter and possibilities. Through the group sessions, we can benefit from interaction with both the trainer and fellow participants, promoting knowledge sharing.”

In-depth dashboards and OEE data

With Ignition, Okéchamp’s control system operates across various production lines. In collaboration with Okéchamp, AT-Automation designs new dashboards to visualize OEE data. The ease of visualizing data and generating reports with just a few clicks was one of the decisive reasons for choosing Ignition.

Brian emphasizes the user-friendliness of Ignition: “Personally, I find it very convenient that Ignition can be used in a web environment. This allows you to easily and quickly work with it on any PC. You can also build a nice application very quickly without needing much technical knowledge.”

Step-by-step independence

As an Ignition Integrator, AT-Automation goes beyond just addressing the initial customer inquiry. The offered training enables customers to experience, test, and develop all the capabilities of Ignition. Brian appreciates the step-by-step learning process: “The fact that you learn how to get started with Ignition and eventually optimize your production environment yourself was very pleasant for us. This allowed us to acquire the necessary knowledge within a short period, enabling us to work internally as a team and support each other in the project.”

Future collaboration

After successfully completing the Master training, Okéchamp now has full control over their production processes. Of course, AT-Automation remains available as a partner for contact and support where needed, but Okéchamp now has the reins in their own hands.

Ready to master your growth?

At AT-Automation, we strive to accelerate your growth and reach new heights of efficiency with our advanced automation solutions. We strongly believe in sharing knowledge and empowering individuals to become masters in industrial automation. Do you want to become a master in programming Ignition too? Click on a training in the calendar below for more information or sign up directly!

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